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ADS Forum Rules

Please READ this first:

01.The ONLY Language to be spoken/written on the OPEN Forum is English!

Visit the "Discussions In Other Languages" part of the Forum and post in your Native Language there!

02. Please respect each other. Flaming/Spamming/Rudeness will NOT be tolerated. This will result in your immediate ban!

03. DO NOT Hi-Jack the Threads with unrelated questions! You can start your own Thread.

04. DO NOT post Pornographic content! (Image, Text, Video, Links, Passwords, etc...) This will result in your immediate ban!

05. DO NOT share/post/discuss OUR links (ANY "Private" link from our ADS Forum) or any "solutions" to other Forums!

IF anyone does this WITHOUT having permission from the REAL/ORIGINAL Up-loader, this will result in your immediate ban!

06. Please keep all Posts related to the section you are posting within.

07. DO NOT post LIVE Links on the Board! Links must ALWAYS be attached in a text (.txt) file.

External links to Chinese seller sites are not permitted and may result in possible ban!

08. RELIGIOUS Threads are NOT allowed.

09. DO NOT post e-mail addresses on the Board & DO NOT use an e-mail address as your User Name.This will result in your immediate ban!

10. DO NOT send PM's to the Staff Team, requesting Licenses, Keys, Activations, Keygens or for similar things.

11. It is generally forbidden to DOUBLE posts on the board! (only the post in different hosts servers are allowed).

You are NOT allowed to reply twice in a row in any Topic. Use the Edit button when altering your reply and if you're the last person to post in the topic.

12. DO NOT post/write "Thanks" only or in any other form like: "Thanks Bro!", "Thanks a million!", "Thanks! I love it!"etc.

Those posts will be removed and will result in a Warning! Use the Thanks or Reputation (Rate) Systems buttons! That is why they are there.

13. All subject headings when posting MUST be relevant to your post "I need help" or "I can't get comms" or "URGENT Help" etc, will be removed!

This will make the Search function much better for everyone.

14. Always try to use the Search function before posting! You may just find the answer to what you're looking for, quickly & easy without Spamming or Flooding the Forum.

15. If you want to post ANY Keygen and you are NOT the Maker/Author or you DO NOT have the approval from them, then those Keygens are NOT allowed to be posted!

So DO NOT post requests PUBLICLY asking for them & in general NOT ANY KIND of discussion, or this will result in your immediate ban!

Also when the Maker/Author wishes to post/share his keygen he must ALWAYS use a text file (.txt) with external link and NEVER attach his keygen on our ADS Forum Servers!

16. NO AUT0DATA cracked soft of ANY kind on ADS Forum! ATTENTION!! This will result in your immediate ban!

17. Sells in open Forum are not allowed!!! Please use the Selling Box area to sell your stuff!! Contact the Forum Stuff for posting in Selling Box.

The users found selling stuff in the open forum, like tuned files or other stuff will result in a BIG Warning or your immediate ban!

18. Members found to be asking other Members of our forum to download attachments for them, this will result in their immediate ban!

19. Any topics found, with protected attachments, with various demands for members who ask for Pass in PM and do not log in to the Forum, for 5 days,

to give the password to the users who ask for it, they will be considered ghost topics, and then the moderators or admins will publicly post the password or will close/delete this topic and give a Warning to that specific member.

20. Please do NOT post asking for PASSWORDS or PRICES on the Forum. ALWAYS use the PM (Private Message) system for this.

Rules can be changed anytime, so check them regularly.

Please be aware that not adhering to the above Rules will result in termination of your Membership.

Remember: ADS Forum Staff Team, reserves the right to Edit/Modify/Remove/Hide any Thread or Post at any time without notice!

For any further Assistance, please feel free to contact any of the Site staff Admins or Super Moderators

Thank you!

ADS Stuff Team!

Rules updated: 22/11/2017